Week 16: Community Helpers

Hi Families of Room 104,

Welcome back! I hope your winter break was restful, safe, and healthy. There is a lot happening in our world and district this month. I will always share with you what I know, and do my best to help you prepare and to support you and your student. Things seem to be changing rapidly and I will do my best to keep you informed. If you have any questions regarding CPS’s plan on bringing students into the building please reach out directly.

Sight Words: said, there, use, an, each

This is what we will be learning about this week

Reading: How can we be Super Readers?

  • I can sing out pattern words to help read smoothly
  • I can use punctuation to read with expression
  • I can use my voice in different ways as I read to show I understand the book

Phonics: How do letters and their sounds help us read?

  • I can connect words that sound the same at the end
  • I can match sounds and letters at the end of a word

Writing: How can we show and tell what we want with words?

  • I can write two sentences on each page of my book
  • I can add ending pages to my book
  • I can fix up spelling and capitalization, adding sentences, and adding pages for endings
  • I can celebrate my writing by reading it to the class

Math: How can we sort, categorize, and graph sets?

  • I can learn and practice skip counting by 10s.
  • I can play a game with number cards to practice comparing written numerals
  • I can explore the Number Grid and use it as a counting tool
  • I can find, record, and analyze sums of dice rolls

Social Studies: What makes a community?

  • I canexplain different kinds of neighborhoods and different kinds of homes
  • I can explain that our neighborhood is made up of different kinds of families
  • I can describe different places in a community 

Science: What makes an object start to move?

  • I can explain that an object starts to move when somebody pushes or pulls it
  • I can explain that an object starts to move when another object exerts a force on it

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