Week 12: Holidays Around the World

Sight Words: words, but, not, what, all

Hi Parents of Room 104,

I hope your fall break was relaxing and safe! This month we will be focusing on studying different holidays celebrated around the world. We will be focusing on Las Posadas in Mexico, St. Nicholas Day in Germany, Christmas in Italy, Saint Lucia Day in Sweden, Diwali in India, Hanukkah in Israel, Christmas in Australia, Eid al-Fitr in parts of Africa and the Middle East, and Kwanzaa and Christmas in the United States and Canada. If you have a holiday you celebrate in your family that you would like to see represented in the classroom let me know via email and we can work together. Also if you would like to share a family tradition of a holiday you celebrate let me know 🙂

Check out all the great stuff we are learning this week:

Reading: How can we be Super Readers?

  • I can use sight words to help me fix my pointer power when I get lost
  • I can partner read with my reading buddy, giving reminders to use pointer power and to check that each word gets one tap
  • I can use pictures to help them predict and read unfamiliar words

Phonics: How do letters and their sounds help us read?

  • I can say a word and hear, and say the ending sound
  • I can match the words that end the same way with the same sounds

Writing: How can we show and tell what we want with words?

  • I can add 2-3 words to my labels to add more detail
  • I can add sentences in my book. I can add capital letters, sight words, and punctuation at the end
  • I can continue to draft and revise my books
  • I can write books and topics that matter to me across many pages.

Math: How can we describe, sort, and graph objects?

  • I can sort attribute blocks by shape and size and then count and compare the blocks in each group
  • I can explore, recognize, and describe shapes and their attributes by touch
  • I can group themselves according to my favorite color and create a graph to represent them
  • I can use calculators to practice reading and recording numbers to represent objects

Social Studies: How do people celebrate holidays around the world?

  • I can explain what customs and traditions are
  • I can tell about Los Posadas in Mexico
  • I can tell about Christmas in Germany

Science: What do plants and animals need to live and grow?

  • I can tell that animals need to stay safe to live
  • I can tell that monarch caterpillars grow into monarch butterflies. They have different habitats 

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