Week 11: North East Native Americans & Thanksgiving

Hello Families of Room 104,

This week is a short week, we will be in school only Monday and Tuesday to accommodate the fall break. I will not be assigning any new sight words and encourage all of you to review the previous words we have learned thus far.

I am happy to say Ms. Moore (Lonnie’s Mom) will be presenting on her work with the American Indian Center of Chicago.

Check out what we will be learning this week:

Reading: How can we be Super Readers?

  • I can point to both short and long words with just one tap

Phonics: How do letters and their sounds help us read?

  • I can explain that there are capital and lowercase letters

Writing: How can we show and tell what we want with words?

  • I can add at least 3 labels to each of my pages

Math: How can we represent numbers?

  • I can play a game to practice number recognition and explore number relationships

Social Studies: Who are the Native Americans?

  • I can explain who the Native Americans are today
  • I can explain how people celebrate Thanksgiving

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