Week 10: Lakota Native Americans


This week we will be holding Parent Teacher conferences on Wednesday. Please see the email to sign up for a time to meet. If you have not yet, you can pick up a physical copy of your report card at the school on Monday and Tuesday from 9:00-4:30pm.

This week we will be continuing our celebration of Native American Heritage Month by focusing on the Lakota tribe. We will have a sight word review of all our previously tested sight words to see how the students are progressing.

Make sure to log your student in every day, every session, on time. Our attendance went up this week because of your hard work. Keep it up!

We will be starting a new Reading unit this week. This unit will focus on student’s reading strategies. Students will meet Reader Man, and learn all about his Reading Super Powers. Students will learn each power or skill to help them read new and more challenging books. Check out what we are learning this week:

Reading: How can we be Super Readers?

  • I can use my superpowers to help me read, starting with pointer power
  • I can make sure the number of words I read matches the number of times I point to the page

Phonics: How do letters and their sounds help us read?

  • I can match sounds and letters at the beginning of a word
  • I can match sounds and letters at the beginning of a word

Writing: How can we show and tell what we want with words?

  • I can make a book showing my favorite places
  • I can add to my books, taking time to make my books how I want
  • I can place the pictures and the words on the page

Math: How can we represent numbers?

  • I can represent how successive numbers refer to quantities that are one larger in various ways
  • I can use number cards to practice numeral recognition, sequencing numbers, and matching sets and numerals
  • I can roll dice and record  rolls to practice counting and number writing and to explore probability informally

Social Studies: Who are the Native Americans?

  • I can explain who the Lakota are

Science: What do plants and animals need to live and grow?

  • I can explain that plants get the light they need using their leaves
  • I can explain that animals need to stay safe to live

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