Week 8: Voting and Elections

Hello Parents of Room 104,

Sight Words: no new words this week due to the short week. Please practice your old words 🙂

Welcome to Election Week! This week is a bit different, we do not have school on Tuesday to observe Election Day. Students will not be in attendance on Friday as it is a School Improvement Day and the end of the first quarter.

CPS will be distributing report cards and on November 18th. I will be sending out a Google Doc for you to sign up for a time for Parent Teacher Conferences.

We will be starting a new unit in Math, Writing, and Social Studies. In Social Studies we will be learning about the first Thanksgiving, the Wampanoag people and other native tribes, and the Pilgrims. In Math we will be focusing on numerals and quantities. Children will learn how to represent numbers in many different ways, they will practice writing numerals, and sequencing numbers in order. They will also learn more about graphing and organizing data. In Writing we will be learning how to label objects, drawing more details, adding more to our pages, and adding more sounds to our words.

This is what we will be studying this week:

Reading: How can we become readers?

  • I can use words to connect one page to the next page to make my favorite books sound better
  • I can read books over and over, the more I read the more I will sound exactly like the book

Phonics: How do letters and their sounds help us read?

  • I can look at the shape of a letter and say its name

Writing: How can we become writers? How can we show and tell what we want with words?

  • I can share my published writing to an audience
  • I can think and talk about what I’ll be drawing and writing about
  • I can draw my objects, thinking about the parts I see. I can label my drawings by saying the words, listening for the sounds, and writing what I hear

Math: How can we represent numbers?

  • I can participate in a cooperative movement activity to deepen my understanding of shapes
  • I can write and represent numbers as they begin to make individual number books
  • I can compare and describe objects of varying lengths

Social Studies: How do we elect our leaders? Who are the Native Americans? Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?

  • I can explain what an election is
  • I can share what I know about Native Americans

Science: What do plants and animals need to live and grow?

  • I can use the results of one investigation to plan other investigations

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