Week 6: Then and Now

Welcome to another week in Kindergarten Room 104!

This week’s sight words: as, with, his, they, I

We are starting a new Soical Studies unit called Then and Now where we will learn how people lived long ago. This unit will be our background knowledge to our Native American unit coming in November. We will be studying how people made food, clothing, their homes, and their jobs. We will be making butter as our culminating activity as well!

Many of our caterpillars are turning into chrysalis! When this happens, you will need to glue/tape/adhire the top of the cup where the chrysalis is attached and attach it to the underside of a lid of a glass jar. If you want to go the extra mile, you can purchase a butterfly net from amazon or a pet store. If you go this route all you will need to do is use a paper clip and hang the lid to the side of the netting.

Your caterpillar will be in the chrysalis for some time (up to 10 days). When it emerges DO NOT move the butterfly, it will need to flap its wings to push blood into the wings. Your butterflies will be very hungry so make sure to have orange slices and apples ready for them.

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