Week 3: Plants and Animals

Hello Families of Room 104,

We will be starting our homework packets this week as well as our sight word study. Your homework packets can be found in your new material bags. If you have not picked up your bag please contact me to set up a time to pick it up. Please do one homework sheet a day as well as a handwriting sheet to support your students fine motor skills.

On Friday we will be doing a quick sight word check. Our sight words this week are: the, of, and, a, to.

We will also be starting small groups this week! YAY! I will be sending calendar invites for your small group time so keep an eye out.

I will also be beginning to assess your students reading levels. Giving any assessment virtually is new for everyone. The most important thing is that I see how your child can read and interact with words. This will help me be the best teacher I can be for them. I’ll be giving calendar invites for this as well.

Last! We will be doing a Murray tradition, a Gingerbread Man hunt! This is an activity that gives the students a chance to meet our administrative team and take a tour of the school. They search for the Gingerbread Man that stole our cookies. You will need to provide your child a cookie that they can decorate with icing and sprinkles.

Learning Objectives:

Reading: How can we become readers?

  • I can read words around the world
  • I can read books to learn about the world
  • I can read by myself or with a partner

Phonics: How can we become readers?

  • I can listen for and connect words that rhyme
  • I can put letter together to make words

Writing: How can we become writers?

  • I can say words slowly and then write down the sounds I hear to spell words
  • I can keep trying to spell words that are hard

Math: Early counting skills

  • I can count, compare, and represent data about birthdays in my class
  • I can create concrete and paper graphs showing my ages, and use them to answer questions
  • I can count out objects to represent 5 in multiple ways, and informally explore addition and subtraction within 5
  • I can compose and decompose numbers and explore addition by looking quickly at dots in different arrangements 

Science: What do plants and animals need to live and grow?

  • I can share that animals need food to eat and live
  • I can share that animals need different places to live to meet their needs

Social Studies: How can we become good citizens?

  • I can explain good and bad choices
  • I can explain what it means to be a good friend
  • I can share things about me that make me special 

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