Week 2: Getting to Know You

Hello Families of Room 104,

Thank you for such an amazing first week of Kindergarten. I was so impressed with how much your students have shown me and how well they are adapting to remote learning in Kindergarten. A few reminders, we will be having our second materials pick up this Thursday from 10:00am-1:00pm. Please come to our door to receive your new materials, for this pick up you do not need to bring old materials for exchange.

I would highly encourage you to buy a set of magnetic letters for your student to use in their word work and phonics lesson. I will be sending home an article which includes several ways to use magnetic letters to aid in your students letter knowledge and study.

Our curriculum night will be held on the 15th. Please join us as I will be outlining Kindergarten learning goals, curriculum, and how best you can support your student this year. If you can not make it, I will be sending out a recording and the slides for your review.

Please take a look at our learning objectives for this coming week. You can find all classroom assignments in your student’s Seesaw and the Murray’s Learning Hub

Reading: How can we become readers?

  • I can practice reading by myself with my book bin
  • I can read independently in new reading spots
  • I can read independently following classroom routines
  • I can pick just right books

Phonics: How can we become readers?

  •  I can hear words that end the same way as rhymes
  • I can identify the letter and its sound and write the letter correctly

Writing: How can we become writers?

  • I can look back at my writing and see if I can add more to it
  • I can come up with solutions to my problems and carry on writing
  • I can picture what I want to write about first and then put all of the details onto the page

Math: Everyday Math Unit 1

  • I can take a walk to look for numbers and explore the many uses of numbers in my world
  • I can explore the numbers 0-9 to practice and reinforce early counting and numeration skills and principals 
  • I can play an active counting game to develop my oral counting skills, including counting on

Social Studies: How can we be good citizens?

  • I can tell why why have laws
  • I can work with my classmates to create our Classroom Mission Statement

Science: What do plans and animals need to live and grow?

  • I can sort things into groups to help me understand what I observe
  • I can explain that different kinds of plants and animals live in different places

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